Monday, July 26, 2010

Water Your Body - Post #4

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Crystal Light's slogan is "Water Your Body". I love this saying because it's so simple yet so true. Our bodies are like plants, flowers and trees. We need to be watered! And hopefully with more attention than your dying ficus over there in the corner.

As I mentioned in previous posts staying hydrated is just as important to leading a healthy lifestyle as eating well and exercise. 
During the week at work I usually have no problem getting my water in.  I'm sitting at that desk all day.  What else am I going to do but drink tons of water?

But it's the weekends that I have to watch.  I know if I have a crazy busy summer weekend where I don't drink enough, I feel awful.  I start to get sluggish, headache and sometime even feel sick. Clearly such feelings do not lend themselves to getting out there and taking a vigorous walk.

Perfect example of this was yesterday.  I started my morning with coffee (of course) but I had a little too much.  Then we went to the pool where I had a bottle of water but just one.  NOT ENOUGH.  I came home from a few hours in the sun feeling so sick.  Nauseous, exhausted, you name it.  I was planning on walking last night but there was no way.  Finally after drinking LOTS of water, and some Crystal Light, I felt better.  Even I know what should be done but don't always take my own advice.  

Therefore, with the help of Crystal Light, I know make sure to fully water this body.  EVERY day of the week!

Staying hydrated makes me feel better, helps with weight loss (gets all those gross toxins out) makes your skin glow; it's just down right a good thing.

Thanks for being with me during this month long series of being happy, healthy and wise.  This was my last post, but don't be sad because BlogHer is giving away a $100 Visa gift card, and you COULD WIN! Winning $100 is almost as great as being hydrated, no?

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  1. With having to keep up with 4 kids under the age of 8, staying hydrated has given me the energy to stay in step with them and take them to their activities, as well as just the day-to-day things! I also have 3 jobs and a loving husband, so taking care of myself is a priority so I can take care of all of them.

    I have never been a big water drinker (I usually prefer Pepsi), but when I put Crystal Light in the water, I like it and will drink more of it than if I just drank the water plain.

    Also, staying hydrated has helped me to beat the heat where I live since on some days it can be over 100 degrees with high humidity, which can drain your body of energy in an instant.

    So, staying hydrated has had a wonderful effect in my life!

  2. Staying hydrated makes me feel better because I feel less fatigued and my skin LOOKS much better! (

  3. I just have so much more energy when I am hydrated!

  4. I've always add a thing for drinking water. Staying hydrated helps me some with my cravings for munchies. I also am told I have nice skin.

    As a chubby kid I was not allowed soda & only was given a small OJ with breakfast. So I got the water habit early. Living in rural Vermont we had great spring water. Now when I can not get great tasting water I'm addicted to having Crystal Light to go packets in my purse to make the funny taste of well water go away.

  5. Staying hydrated makes my skin glow and feel good.

  6. tweet.

  7. I feel better when I am hydrated. I get so much more accomplished.

  8. I drink plenty of water, and it keeps me focused.

    charisscharity at yahoo dot com

  9. Staying hydrated gives me energy and keeps me from getting sick.

  10. My lips don't get chapped when I stay hydrated.


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